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Any review is considered incomplete if it is not tested or reviewed in some broad categories at least.  So TorGuard VPN service has been thoroughly tested in all the main categories for its strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are:

1.        Security:  TorGuard VPN has some robust security measures in place.  It masks the IP address and the data with secure encryption.  TorGuard has a built-in DNS and IPv6 leak protection.  It also has a Tunnel obfuscation feature.  This helps in escaping even tough censorship bans.

2.      Encryption:  TorGuard has lots of options when it comes to encryptions.  It gives the user the freedom to choose the preferred encryption methods such as AES 256-bit/ AES 128-bit or Blowfish 128-bit encryption.

3.      No Log policy:  TorGuard promises not to take or keep a log of any data from its VPN or proxy services.  Whatever personal information is provided is strictly used for correspondence purposes only.

4.      Netflix & Torrenting:   TorGuard will unblock Netflix service only with its paid subscription.  An additional monthly fee must be paid, and a dedicated IP address must be purchased to view Netflix. The standard VPN subscription does not allow you to access Netflix.  When it comes to Torrenting, it can be considered one of the strengths of TorGuard.  It is fully compatible with BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, and more.  It also supports port forwarding thereby improving your torrenting file transfer rate.

5.      Value for Money:  When compared with the services offered, the cost is very economical and seems reasonable. There are lots of options given to customize the service package and you can choose to purchase accordingly. I guest you to get this VPN on torguard black friday sale.

6.      Compatibility:  TorGuard is compatible with a wide variety of devices such as Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, etc.  It is also available as a browser extension so that it can be used for Chrome and Firefox.  5 simultaneous devices can connect with each subscription. 

7.       Adblocker:  TorGuard has a built-in Adblocker which is offered as part of this service.   However, this must be enabled through the settings.

8.      Network & Speeds:  TorGuard has a very large server network to boast of which is spread across 55 countries. The speed provided varied when connected with different servers in different countries.  But still, it was stable and reliable, and the speed was maintained without any large jumps and dips.

9.      Customer Service:   Three main channels are available such as 24/7 live chat, email, and a toll-free phone number (for the US only).   The customer support team is very prompt and very professional in their approach.  There are very knowledgeable and answer all technical questions immediately.


To summarise, TorGuard strength lies in its robust security, P2P support, responsive Customer service, and a great built-in adblocker. The weaknesses or the downside is that sometimes there is below-average connection speed.  The interface too is not user-friendly.  But overall, with an enviable large server network, TorGuard is the fastest VPN and Proxy network.   It can even bypass the tough censorship of China because it has a great stealth feature called the Stunnel. All these features make TorGuard a great service provider.

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