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Kent Supreme: World’s First Zero Water Wastage RO Water Purifier

Kent Supreme: World’s First Zero Water Wastage RO Water Purifier

Drinking clean water is essential for life because this will make you stay away from waterborne disease and even let you stay healthy.

To ensure that you consuming clean drinking water, people use RO water purifier, which is very effective in removing the contaminants from water and make it 100% pure to be consumed.

Though RO-based water purifiers are regarded as one of the best, but it also has one limitation.

The limitation is that during the purification, a lot of water gets rejected (impure water).

To purify one liter of water, RO purifier dumps at least three liters of water, which we regard as throwaway water that cannot be used for drinking.

This might be a serious concern because what we know is that the percentage of drinking water is very less and we need to save water from getting wasted.

Though it is true that we need to preserve water, but you might be thinking what to do with the rejected RO water? The water that has been rejected can be used for various household purposes.

Whether you need to wash your car, water the plants, mop the floor or wash utensils, you can use the rejected RO water to ensure that there is no wastage.

Many of the water purifiers have just a tube attached to the outlet from where the rejected water gets runoff. This can store by keeping a bucket or drum underneath the outlet pipe and collect the rejected water.

How KENT Supreme RO Water Purifier is Helpful

Keeping a drum/bucket to store the RO rejected water is always a tedious task, but what is the water purifier is already attached with rejected tank in it? This would definitely be added advantage, because you would be relieved from the hurdle of keeping a bucket/drum.

Keeping this in mind, KENT has introduced KENT Supreme, which is the world’s first no water wastage technology RO purifier.

The model has a total of 18 litres of storing capacity, which is divided into two segments where 9 litres storage is for purified water and the other 9 litres for rejected water.

The separate ‘Reject Water Tank’, fills all the waste water which you can utilize it for different household purposes.

Thus, you can say that the model explains no water wastage.

What to do with Rejected RO water

The RO waste water that gets stored in the rejected tank can be used for different purposes and some of these are mentioned below:

  • Mopping the floor: Why to waste purified water in mopping the floors, when you have the RO rejected water for it. The KENT Supreme has rejected water tank, where waste water gets stored, that you can use it very efficiently in cleaning the floor.
  • Gardening: You can also use the same water for even gardening. Now, you don’t need to add extra pipe to the main line in order to water the plants. Just take the water from the rejected tank of RO and use it on a garden.
  • Wash your vehicles: You might have seen that people use the inlet water to wash their vehicles, which is a complete wastage of water. Now, you can use the waste water that gets collected on RO rejected tank of KENT Supreme and clean your vehicles easily. In this way, you save the precious water and even make use of the rejected RO waste water very intelligently.
  • Use it in the flask tank: The RO rejected water that gets stored in the rejected tank can be used to flash tank as well.
  • Washing Utensils: You can also use the RO waste water for even washing the utensils, which is another exceptional way to utilize the rejected water and save the precious treasure.

KENT Supreme RO water purifier is thus regarded as world’s first no water wastage water purifier. So, without much ado purchase KENT Supreme now!

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