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How to Configure Webmail InterServer for SSL

How to Configure Webmail InterServer for SSL
How to Configure Webmail InterServer for SSL

InterServer gives you an amazing option to create unlimited email accounts with the domain name of your hosting account. After you register with the InterServer hosting plan, create the email accounts you require on the cPanel accounts and access your webmail. Now in case you want an SSL email client to access your mails instead of webmail, you need to configure it to connect appropriately. To be precise, you will have to change the mail settings to get the email client application to connect to the SMTP server.

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Clearing up some terms

What are mail settings?

Mail settings are your username viz. your email account, password, incoming server (the hostname of the server or the SMTP server name and it needs to be connected on the IMAP port 993, 143 or POP ports 995, 110), and the outgoing server (your hostname or the SMTP server name, SMTP port 465 and 587.)

What is SMTP?

Well, it is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a push protocol that helps the email client to send emails either within the same organization or between different organizations.

What are IMAP and POP3?

Internet Message Access Protocol and Post of Protocol are intermediaries to retrieve emails at the receiver’s side. They allow mails to be downloaded from the email server and stored to the client so that you can view the mail.

Make sure you have enabled authentication for SMTP, IMAP, and POP3, or you will not be able to connect the application to the server.

How to find Email Settings?

First, you need to log in to webmail by typing your domain name followed by /webmail or If you want to access this interface, you will need to open ports 2095 and 2096 if you are behind a firewall. Enter your username in the required field, also your password. Click the Login button. Click on your preferred webmail clients.

An alternate way to login is by using your cPanel interface. For this, you will need to login to your cPanel account. Select Email > Email Accounts. You will see the list of all your email accounts. Locate your required email account and click on the Check Mail button associated with that particular account. The system will log you in. Click on the webmail client that you prefer.

The next step is to click on the drop-down arrow near the username on the top-right corner of the screen. Select the Configure Mail Client option. You will be taken to a page with SSL/TLS and Non-SSL settings. This gives you access to all the details to configure your email clients. You will also find some script files that you can download and run. This will automatically configure the email client.

How to configure the mail settings?

Enter the email ID in the username field. Enter the password for that email account. In the field for Incoming Server, enter the server hostname. Enter IMAP Port 993 and POP3 Port 995. Next, in the Outgoing Server field, enter the server hostname and SMTP Port 465.

You have successfully configured your mail settings.

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