How An Air Hammer Works?

Invented in the year 1890, Air hammers are also known by the name pneumatic hammers and are quite a fantastic tool mainly used at construction sites.

This is the best tool to use on surfaces like metal, cardboard, wood, concrete, grills, etc. This tool utilizes the compressed air to help the user twist, bolts hammer, or work on a piece of surface, which would have taken a lot of time by any conventional tool.

These tools come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon the scope of work.

The piston present in air hammers moves back and forth to supply the compressed air in the cylinder. This cycle continues hundreds of times in a minute, making it quite faster and better than old methods and tools.

The compressed air is the main component and a source of power supply of the air hammer. This pressurized air gets stored in a compressor tank, which is attached to the hammer.

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The compressed air in the air hammer is a mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen whose molecules move back and forth, creating a tremendous amount of pressure.

When the piston moves to the top, compressed pressurized air supplied from cylinder flows from above and shifts down, while piston reaches the bottom, air flows upwards. In this way, the piston moves rapidly, attaining the desired speed and power to perform a work smoothly.

The air hammer comes with different accessories, bits, and chisel, which help in scoring and cutting various types of workpieces. It’s also quite necessary to know about the parts of the air hammer to understand its functioning well.

Parts of an Air Hammer –

Air Inlet

The air inlet is the hole in the hammer, which gets connected to the pressurized air tube. One needs an air connector to fit the tube into the air inlet correctly. 


It is a little switch at the rear of the air hammer handle and regulates air pressure. Depending upon the type of work, the regulator button is used to increase and decrease the amount of pressure released by the air hammer.


It is a small button located on the inner rear part of the air hammer handle that is used to turn the tool off. This button is easily placed for comfort to avoid bodily harm to the user.


Spring present in the air hammer is attached to the cylinder and keeps the chisel in place and is also known as retainer spring. It opens in anticlockwise direction and locks and unlocks while fitting the chisel.


The cylinder is generally the nose of this useful tool and gets used for attaching the chisel or bits. While using the air hammer, apart from the handle, is the second place where the users firmly hold his hand.

Indeed the air hammers are quite a handy tool for different types of work used by craftsmen efficiently. However, one needs to be quite careful while using this tool as it creates a lot of sound and vibrations.

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