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Any review is considered incomplete if it is not tested or reviewed in some broad categories at least.  So TorGuard VPN service has been thoroughly tested in all the main categories for its strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are:

1.        Security:  TorGuard VPN has some robust security measures in place.  It masks the IP address and the data with secure encryption.  TorGuard has a built-in DNS and IPv6 leak protection.  It also has a Tunnel obfuscation feature.  This helps in escaping even tough censorship bans.

2.      Encryption:  TorGuard has lots of options when it comes to encryptions.  It gives the user the freedom to choose the preferred encryption methods such as AES 256-bit/ AES 128-bit or Blowfish 128-bit encryption.

3.      No Log policy:  TorGuard promises not to take or keep a log of any data from its VPN or proxy services.  Whatever personal information is provided is strictly used for correspondence purposes only.

4.      Netflix & Torrenting:   TorGuard will unblock Netflix service only with its paid subscription.  An additional monthly fee must be paid, and a dedicated IP address must be purchased to view Netflix. The standard VPN subscription does not allow you to access Netflix.  When it comes to Torrenting, it can be considered one of the strengths of TorGuard.  It is fully compatible with BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, and more.  It also supports port forwarding thereby improving your torrenting file transfer rate.

5.      Value for Money:  When compared with the services offered, the cost is very economical and seems reasonable. There are lots of options given to customize the service package and you can choose to purchase accordingly. I guest you to get this VPN on torguard black friday sale.

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Hosting Reviews

How to Configure Webmail InterServer for SSL

How to Configure Webmail InterServer for SSL
How to Configure Webmail InterServer for SSL

InterServer gives you an amazing option to create unlimited email accounts with the domain name of your hosting account. After you register with the InterServer hosting plan, create the email accounts you require on the cPanel accounts and access your webmail. Now in case you want an SSL email client to access your mails instead of webmail, you need to configure it to connect appropriately. To be precise, you will have to change the mail settings to get the email client application to connect to the SMTP server.

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Clearing up some terms

What are mail settings?

Mail settings are your username viz. your email account, password, incoming server (the hostname of the server or the SMTP server name and it needs to be connected on the IMAP port 993, 143 or POP ports 995, 110), and the outgoing server (your hostname or the SMTP server name, SMTP port 465 and 587.)

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Importance Of Using A VPN Connection For VOIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that enables voice calls to be made over the Internet. You may also call it Internet Phone. Telephone calls over a broadband connection are slightly cheaper than calls over a traditional telephone network, hence the increasing popularity of VoIP.

As you probably know, any data that traverses the Internet – including VoIP data – is exposed to a host of risks. Thus, it has become a necessity to protect VoIP data just as any other kind of Internet traffic.

Why VoIP Through VPN

VoIP through VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the best ways to secure VoIP data. In fact, implementations of VoIP through a VPN are done primarily for security purposes and to bypass firewalls.

In theory, the additional load imposed by the encryption and decryption of data packets, along with the extra processing power required for the signal to be processed as it goes through the VPN server to its destination may cause VoIP traffic to slow down and, therefore, lead to degraded quality of service.

However, this is not always true in practice because modern processors have high processing power that makes short work of the data encryption and decryption. However,VPN providers offer different speeds and server capacities and this may influence the impact that VoIP causes over speed.


As mentioned earlier, VoIP traffic is largely insecure on its own. Moreover, there are many third-parties out there that are interesting in eavesdropping on your conversations, including governments, commercial establishments, unscrupulous individuals, and advertising businesses, among others.

However, with a VPN, your VoIP traffic will be secured since VoIP traffic is carried over the Internet. Thus, once your Internet connection is encrypted with a VPN service, your VoIP traffic (video and voice) will also be secured, allowing you peace of mind to communicate with your loved ones without fear of eavesdroppers and other intruders.

But you should keep in mind that the majority of top VoIP providers do maintain records of users’ communications and they routinely receive government requests for access to these records. This has happened in the recent past with both the Us and UK governments.

Fortunately, some VPN services allow you to sign up a completely anonymous account using anonymous email and anonymous payment systems such as Bitcoins. This means that using your anonymous VPN account for VoIP communications eliminates the chances of surveillance. Note that this doesn’t mean you should carry out unlawful activities as your VPN provider still has the power to block you.

Best VPN Service For VoIP

There are dozens of VPN providers out there but which one is best for your VoIP? Firstly, if you’re looking for high levels of privacy, you should seriously consider Private Internet Access as it’s one of the handful providers that guarantee industry-level privacy standards. (Read the Full review on Private Internet Access )

If you’re more concerned about advanced features and connectivity speeds for VoIP, HideMyAss is your best bet. It also has one of the largest server networks of any provider, in addition to competitively priced packages. (Read the Full review on HideMyAss)

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How An Air Hammer Works?

Invented in the year 1890, Air hammers are also known by the name pneumatic hammers and are quite a fantastic tool mainly used at construction sites.

This is the best tool to use on surfaces like metal, cardboard, wood, concrete, grills, etc. This tool utilizes the compressed air to help the user twist, bolts hammer, or work on a piece of surface, which would have taken a lot of time by any conventional tool.

These tools come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon the scope of work.

The piston present in air hammers moves back and forth to supply the compressed air in the cylinder. This cycle continues hundreds of times in a minute, making it quite faster and better than old methods and tools.

The compressed air is the main component and a source of power supply of the air hammer. This pressurized air gets stored in a compressor tank, which is attached to the hammer.

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The compressed air in the air hammer is a mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen whose molecules move back and forth, creating a tremendous amount of pressure.

When the piston moves to the top, compressed pressurized air supplied from cylinder flows from above and shifts down, while piston reaches the bottom, air flows upwards. In this way, the piston moves rapidly, attaining the desired speed and power to perform a work smoothly.

The air hammer comes with different accessories, bits, and chisel, which help in scoring and cutting various types of workpieces. It’s also quite necessary to know about the parts of the air hammer to understand its functioning well.

Parts of an Air Hammer –

Air Inlet

The air inlet is the hole in the hammer, which gets connected to the pressurized air tube. One needs an air connector to fit the tube into the air inlet correctly. 


It is a little switch at the rear of the air hammer handle and regulates air pressure. Depending upon the type of work, the regulator button is used to increase and decrease the amount of pressure released by the air hammer.


It is a small button located on the inner rear part of the air hammer handle that is used to turn the tool off. This button is easily placed for comfort to avoid bodily harm to the user.


Spring present in the air hammer is attached to the cylinder and keeps the chisel in place and is also known as retainer spring. It opens in anticlockwise direction and locks and unlocks while fitting the chisel.


The cylinder is generally the nose of this useful tool and gets used for attaching the chisel or bits. While using the air hammer, apart from the handle, is the second place where the users firmly hold his hand.

Indeed the air hammers are quite a handy tool for different types of work used by craftsmen efficiently. However, one needs to be quite careful while using this tool as it creates a lot of sound and vibrations.

Water Purifier review

Kent Supreme: World’s First Zero Water Wastage RO Water Purifier

Kent Supreme: World’s First Zero Water Wastage RO Water Purifier

Drinking clean water is essential for life because this will make you stay away from waterborne disease and even let you stay healthy.

To ensure that you consuming clean drinking water, people use RO water purifier, which is very effective in removing the contaminants from water and make it 100% pure to be consumed.

Though RO-based water purifiers are regarded as one of the best, but it also has one limitation.

The limitation is that during the purification, a lot of water gets rejected (impure water).

To purify one liter of water, RO purifier dumps at least three liters of water, which we regard as throwaway water that cannot be used for drinking.

This might be a serious concern because what we know is that the percentage of drinking water is very less and we need to save water from getting wasted.

Though it is true that we need to preserve water, but you might be thinking what to do with the rejected RO water? The water that has been rejected can be used for various household purposes.

Whether you need to wash your car, water the plants, mop the floor or wash utensils, you can use the rejected RO water to ensure that there is no wastage.

Many of the water purifiers have just a tube attached to the outlet from where the rejected water gets runoff. This can store by keeping a bucket or drum underneath the outlet pipe and collect the rejected water.

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Piano Review

Top Two Best Electric Pianos

Top Two Best Electric Pianos

Now that we are aware of the factors to look for while identifying the best electric piano, it is time to look at the top two products in this category.

We have chosen the Casio CTK2400 PPK 61-Key and the Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Pianos which are great in terms of specs and features and are thus among the strong contenders for the position of the best electric piano.

Casio CTK2400 PPK 61-Key Portable Keyboard Package 

It is not a mere piano but a complete package of all the essentials for creating a great musical ambiance of recording purposes.

The accessories included are Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones that will help in barring all other sounds entering to the listeners’ ears and help him listen to be engrossed within its melodies.

Next, an x-style stand that will assist in placing the piano in the proper position for playing and, of course, the power supply- without which the purpose of using the piano would remain ineffective.

Other amazing features to look for are the sampling function of the piano and the wide range of 400 AHL tones.

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Piano Review

How to Choose the Best Electric Piano

How to Choose the Best Electric Piano

The melody that a piano can produce is simply unparalleled. The advancement of technology has given us many musical instruments and piano has undergone an evolution with time.

Today we have the digital piano which combines technology with tradition! Digital pianos of different brands and price ranges have flooded the market, and it ‘s hard to choose one from the numerous options available.

Let’s see some facts to consider before buying an electric piano and here are some of them, Hope it will help you to select the best electric piano:

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monitor reviews

Best Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitor

Choosing the best gaming monitor.

You need the best gaming monitor. It’s quite simple really. It doesn’t make a difference either you’re a casual or hardcore gamer.  Your hardware is a vital factor in determining whether you win or lose. To completely enjoy the most recent first-person shooter, racing and other fast-paced games, you need the best gaming monitor. You require an appropriate gaming monitor which can display without introducing you any blurred pictures. Flicker, screen tearing and other unsettling factors may annoy you during gameplay.

Picking the best gaming monitor can be a problem for some users. There exists many choices and specifications to take in consideration. Below is a monitor buying guide to help you choose the best gaming monitor:

Resolution and Panel Size

When you’re taking a gander at panel size, then greater is quite often better. Get the monitor that fits your room and fits your budget. To get the most out of monitor’s resolution, you will require a sufficiently powerful graphics card to produce a realistic FPS in your game. The greater resolution outside games permits you to work and browse better on your PC, as you’ll have extra pixels you can play with.

Panel Technology

There are a few sorts of panels that gaming monitors have, and they have their pros and cons. Twisted Nematic (TN), panels are affordable and are famous among gamers. These allow for quick refresh rate and response time that this panel sort offers. The cons are that TN panels feature a poor shading representation and awful viewing angles. To abstain from having the hues watching washed out, you have to look straight into the monitor.

Pixel Refresh Rate and Response Time

A gaming monitor ought to have a great refresh rate and a quick pixel response time. When you’re reading specifications of the gaming monitors, you’ll see its response time is named as “GtG,” which implies Gray-To-Gray. This feature is measured by time in milliseconds and specifies the measure of the time it takes to transition. Starting with one shade of dim then onto the next. Distinctive monitor manufacturers utilize diverse methods to figure this GtG-time so that the results might be one-sided somehow. A low pixel response time eliminates motion obscure effects and delivers a general cover gameplay than greater pixel response times.

Video Inputs and Other Features

Your gaming monitor ought to be outfitted with the essential input alternatives, and else it’s pointless as you cannot utilize it. It generally requires two HDMI ports, which permits you to share the gaming monitor to two distinct units in the meantime. Simply make sure to attach the monitor to the device with a DVI-D or Display Port connector in case you’re getting a 144Hz gaming monitor. HDMI and standard DVI cannot deal with such a great refresh rate.


The Difference Between Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Acoustic guitars are suitable for learners, and they are easy, less complicated to use.

They contain everything you need to start. Since the acoustic guitar doesn’t have to be plugged into anything, it is excellent to start.

Those who begin to learn the guitar will achieve success while they start with the acoustic guitar since it is easy and quick to use.

There are no hard and fast rules that you should use an acoustic guitar. You can learn from an electric guitar too since both these instruments share similar setups.

The fundamental difference between an acoustic and electric guitar is that one can be amplified, and the other cannot be amplified.

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The Electronic guitar looks more complicated because of the presence of electronic switches.

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