Unlocking the Clean Energy Potential of the Northern seas

The Energy Union Package highlights the Northern seas for having a substantial potential for low carbon energy, supplied close to some of the most energy intensive regions of Europe. But how is this offshore wind potential best harnessed? This is our question to policy makers, industry, analysts and the European Commission. This was the topic of debate at a conference held in the European Parliament September 29th.

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Biomass for energy

Biomass for Energy

The Danish combined heat and power plants form the basis for the future green energy system. The changeover of production on coal-fired power stations to biomass is one of the largest CO2 reducing initiatives of the Danish Energy Agreement with the aim of reducing the Danish CO2 emissions with 34 per cent. However, this will require use of sustainable biomass.

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Analysis of energy saving potentials in selected EU countries based on a sectorial best-practise approach

The analysis focuses on energy saving potentials in eastern European countries, compared to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK. In total the analysis include Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK.

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The Danish Energy Association is a commercial and professional organisation for Danish energy companies.

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The Danish Energy Association works to influence European energy and climate policy in order to support investments in the transition to a low carbon energy system. Only by creating good and stable framework conditions for investments, a green transition of Europe can succeed.

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About us

The Danish Energy Association is a non commercial lobby organisation for Danish energy companies.

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